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Humble Weekly Sale Features Retro Shooters – A Lot of Bang For Your Buck

by Ron Duwell | September 13, 2013September 13, 2013 7:30 pm PST

System Shock 2

Humble Indie Bundle 9 is underway with a handful of great games to chose from, but the amazing deals don’t stop there. Humble has another weekly sale with some quality titles to drop some coin on.

The Humble Weekly Sale Retro Shooters brings classic FPS to your PC or Mac for whatever price you deem. Serious Sam makes a big appearance with Serious Sam HD The First Encounter and Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter highlighting the basic bundle. They are joined by the one and only Duke Nukem 3D and Shadow Warrior Classic Redux, the only game in the bundle I have not heard of.

Spending a measly $6 will also land you two quality bonus titles. System Shock 2 is quickly regaining its traction as one of the most influential games the genre has ever seen. Its RPG elements have popping up in just about every other shooter made these days, most notably BioShock. Tied together with its haunting visuals and excellent antagonist, the $6 is a steal for one of the greatest games ever made.

The other extended bonus game is Hard Reset which plays right into old school thinking for an FPS of just blowing everything up. Not too much thinking or strategy. Just a lot of fun tearing through enemies with some sweet weapons.

I already own most of the games in this bundle, but the trailer for Shadow Warrior looks like a lot of fun. DOOM clones generally had much better level design than the FPS entries of today, with a lot more emphasis on uncovering secrets and finding keys. Maybe I’ll drop a few and pick it up. Hard Reset and System Shock 2 come with the soundtracks as well, and I’ve been collecting music these days.

Anybody else need a dose of retro first-person shooters?

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