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Dell CEO Says Not to Expect Any Smartphones

by Brandon Russell | September 13, 2013September 13, 2013 9:00 pm PST


Dell CEO Michael Dell flat out told CNBC this week that the company will not jump back into the smartphone market — where it had very little success in the past. Tablets, though, are still up for consideration, though Dell didn’t expressly state how the company plans to move forward now that it’s going private. If anything, we imagine it’s going to stick with Windows for those tablets.

Despite the smartphone market being one of the most lucrative in technology, Michael Dell said in an interview that he’d rather leave that up to competitors. With Apple and Samsung largely dominating worldwide marketshare, it would be hard for any new device—one from a company that isn’t established as a mobile powerhouse—to make any significant impact. BlackBerry, a company that was once one of the industry’s biggest mobile players, is a prime example.

Dell said going forward the company will instead focus on five key areas: enterprise, expanding sales capacity, emerging markets, “cloud client computing” in PCs and tablets. Additionally, Dell said he wants to provide an “improved customer experience.” Even computers are slowly giving way to tablets—that market in of itself isn’t exactly easy to crack into, either. Enterprise in particular will be a huge focus for Dell, but consumers can still expect products down the road.

“Dell will participate in tablets and all sorts of clients devices,” Dell said. That approach itself will be a familiar one for consumers; it’s just a matter of Dell managing to develop hardware that people actually want. With tablets like the Nexus 7, iPad mini and new Kindle Fires on the way, it’ll certainly be a struggle—that is assuming we will see devices come from Dell in the next year or so.


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