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Chair Co-founder Talks Infinity Blade 3 and iPhone 5s

by Eric Frederiksen | September 12, 2013September 12, 2013 7:30 pm PST

Chair Games’ co-founder and creative director Donald Mustard talked about the iPhone 5s and the surprising power under the glass in a recent interview with Polygon.

“As we’re developing these games, we’re always looking forward,” Mustard told Polygon. “We’re projecting and thinking about where these devices are going to be.”

Mustard described his experience with the 5s and Infinity Blade III:

“We turned on anti-aliasing – full screen anti-aliasing. It worked. It worked super fast. Then we turned on bloom… depth of field… we had that dragon flying in…That dragon had four times the polycount of any console character we’ve ever done in Gears of War or Shadow Complex or anything like thatIt had four times the texture detail, the normal map detail, all on that dragon.”

Mustard went further, adding that they were able to use and manipulate particle effects, which are typically very CPU and GPU intensive, and then perform multiple rendering passes on the video, adding shadows, color adjustments, and distortion for the dragon’s flames.

Mustard’s excitement extends past the iPhone 5s, though.

“It’s only been five years since the iPhone was invented,” he told Polygon. “What does that mean five years… even 12 months from now?”

Infinity Blade 3 is definitely going to look its best on the iPhone 5s and will set standards in mobile graphics yet again, but it’s also scaling back to tons of other Apple devices. I’ll even be able to play it on the iPad 2 I bought initially for Infinity Blade.

Mustard is clearly impressed with Apple’s new device, despite some concerns around the tech world that Apple has lost some momentum with regard to innovation. It’s hard not to get excited reading what Mustard has to say, though, and I can’t wait to see what Infinity Blade and mobile graphics are looking like five years from now.


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