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Valve Unveils Steam Family Sharing Program

by Joey Davidson | September 11, 2013September 11, 2013 10:53 am PST

Steam Family Sharing Plan

PC gamers will soon have the ability to share their Steam libraries with their friends and family.

As we currently understand the program that will soon be in beta, it’s a pretty solid set of rules. You’ll be able to authorize 10 other devices to access your Steam Library.

Say I want to share my games with my friend Mike. I’ll authorize his computer, and he’ll have access to everything I own. He can download, install and play whatever he wants. The only catch is that only one of us can be playing a game at a given time. If we both try to play, say, BioShock Infinite, preference will be given to me as the full owner of the game and give him an option to buy it before kicking him out.

Edit: Actually, strike that bit about BioShock. If we’re both accessing my Steam Library at once, not just one game but the whole library, Mike will get kicked out.

You can read up on the program on Valve’s official site. The beta for it is coming soon.

The family sharing plan that Microsoft proposed for the Xbox One was one of the positive notes of their unveiling. Whether or not Valve planned to add family sharing to Steam before Microsoft announced their now dropped sharing plan for the Xbox One, PC gamers will have the first crack at this type of program.

On June 19th of this year, a rumor suggested that Valve was prepping a Steam update to add Family Sharing to the platform. We guess that rumor now stands confirmed.


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