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Don’t Expect Kingdom Hearts III Soon says Square Enix

by Ron Duwell | September 11, 2013September 11, 2013 9:30 pm PST


RPGs take a long time to make. There is no getting around that. Final Fantasy XV has been in the works for nearly seven years at this point, and Director Tetsuya Nomura still is not finished with the game. In fact, he is so busy with it that he can’t get to work on Kingdom Hearts III apparently.

Kingdom Hearts producer Shinji Hashimoto stated that the Director’s workload will force the game to be in development for quite some time.

“So at E3 this year we announced Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV,” Hashimoto said. “Both have Tetsuya Nomura as their director, so we can’t create these two big games at the same time.

“A lot of people have wondered for the last couple of years if Square Enix has actually been working on Kingdom Hearts III; that’s why we announced it at E3 this year. But please, we need you all to understand that there’s a lot to do.”

Square Enix has been asking for more and more time on its projects these days. Final Fantasy XIII took five years to see a release, and Final Fantasy XV took seven years to finally get properly unveiled, let alone be available for sale. I can understand the frustration Square Enix fans feel with the company’s seemingly inefficient studio structure.

Why have one man leading two projects when you can have two men leading two projects? There must be other talented guys at Square Enix these days, no? Nomura is not the only man who runs things. The company was able to crank out Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII both in under two years. Get that Director on the line.

It’s these long waits for video games which is slaughtering the reputation of Square Enix’s Japanese development studio. It would be understandable if more time guaranteed better quality, but that is not always the case these days with any video game studio, not just Square Enix alone.

Would you rather see them put the foot to the grindstone and make Kingdom Hearts III quickly and efficiently, or would you rather see its development pan out for half a decade with the chance of being better for it? The game will be released for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.


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