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Mass Layoffs Rumored at BlackBerry

by Jacob Kleinman | September 10, 2013September 10, 2013 8:40 pm PST


A New round of layoffs reportedly hit BlackBerry today, though the scope of the firings is still unclear. Canadian site Cantech claims the struggling smartphone-maker cut over half of its sales force, citing an anonymous source with connections to the company. The source added that the firings have so far been restricted to BlackBerry’s headquarters in Waterloo, but should hit its U.K. offices in a few days.

Following Cantech‘s report, The Wall Street Journal spoke with a BlackBerry spokesperson who claimed that only “a small number of employees” were let go. An anonymous source also told the newspaper that “several dozen” employees were handed pink slips today.

Today’s layoffs are part of a larger restructuring that will likely mean continued layoffs in the coming months. BlackBerry fired 250 employees working at its Canadian headquarters in late July. The company continues to struggle to remain competitive, and is reportedly looking to sell its assets as soon as this November.

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