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iTunes Radio Demo Expected Today as Apple Updates Featured Stations

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Even if Apple just sticks to the big three—iOS 7, iPhone 5S, and iPhone 5C—the company’s got a busy day ahead of it. Still, it looks like iTunes Radio, which was unveiled during WWDC 2013, will also make an appearance today. The company updated the new app’s Featured Stations section earlier this morning, likely in preparation for a demonstration during today’s special event.

New Featured Stations on Apple’s Pandora-style music streaming service include Spin the Globe, Trending on Twitter, iTunes Top 100: Pop, and Pulse #Now. The company has reportedly already inked advertising deals with a number of corporations, including McDonald’s, Nissan and Pepsi, which apparently sponsored the Pulse #Now station.

iTunes Radio will be free to use on all iOS devices, as well as within iTunes on Mac and PC computers and through Apple TV. The ad-driven streaming service will come with pre-selected stations while also letting users create their own, and include one audio ad every 15 minutes and one video ad each hour. Only subscribers to iTunes Match, a service that puts your music collection in Apple’s iCloud, will have access to an ad-free experience.


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