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iPhone Developers Won’t Have Access to Touch ID Fingerprint Reader At First

by Todd Haselton | September 10, 2013September 10, 2013 2:30 pm PST


Bummer – one of the reasons I said I’d be most interested in buying the iPhone 5S is that I can’t wait to see what developers are going to do with it. Sure, there’s still a ton of opportunity with the new M7 and A7 processors, and the power those will provide, but it looks like developers won’t have access to another important feature just yet: the Touch ID fingerprint reader.

AllThingsD spoke with senior vice president of Apple Phil Schiller who confirmed that piece of hardware is, pun intended, on lock right now. That means in the near future we won’t see the ability to log-in to a bank account through an app just yet, or any other similar type of experience. Apple looks like it’s going to limit support to unlocking the phone and to making purchases through its iTunes App Store with a quick finger tap.

I’m disappointed, because I think there’s a huge opportunity here. Maybe the tools aren’t ready yet, but remember this is just a fingerprint reader, probably easily faked, so it’s also likely a huge security concern for Apple if it’s taken advantage of. Still, any access to my phone seems just as dangerous as unwarranted access to my bank account.


Todd Haselton

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