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Dyson Sues Samsung for Vacuum Cleaner Patent Infringement

by Jacob Kleinman | September 10, 2013September 10, 2013 10:30 pm PST


British vacuum maker Dyson is reportedly suing Samsung for infringing on one of its patents in a new vacuum cleaner. The Motion Sync vacuum, which was introduced by Samsung during IFA last week, “is a cynical rip-off” of Dyson’s own steering mechanism, company founder Sir James Dyson told BBC.

Dyson will proceed with a lawsuit against Samsung in the English High Court. The company’s founder suspects that the South Korean company purposefully copied his own firm’s design, noting, “Samsung has many patent lawyers so I find it hard not to believe that this is a deliberate or utterly reckless infringement of our patent.”

That last comment is likely a dig not just at Samsung’s new vacuum, but at the company’s long history of alleged patent infringement. The South Korean tech giant has found itself in court multiple times over claims that it copied Apple’s mobile hardware and software with its own devices. Dyson previously sued Samsung in 2009 over a different vacuum patent and was ultimately awarded £600,000.


Jacob Kleinman

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