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Apple TV Getting Tweaked Software Next Week, But No New Hardware

by Brandon Russell | September 7, 2013September 7, 2013 9:00 am PST

Apple Store TV 6

Don’t expect any new Apple TV hardware at Apple’s event next week—or so says a new report from AllThingsD. Despite rumors possibly hinting at a TV gadget we have yet to see out of Cupertino, Apple isn’t ready to revolutionize the television market just yet. But we might get a taste of what’s to come, as the company is expected to introduce tweaked software that could give users the ability to fling purchased content to a friend’s Apple TV through AirPlay.

Essentially, the new feature won’t require your friend to log out of their account just so you can log into yours and play that new episode of Breaking Bad. Just bring that episode up, open AirPlay, and bam. The feature certainly adds another layer of convenience, though it’s not exactly the tectonic shift some people had hoped. If this is the only thing Apple TV users can expect the rest of 2013, rumors surrounding an actual Apple high def television will likely intensify into next year. Whether a TV set is just a fanboy delusion or actual product remains to be seen.

One thing we’re (almost) certain will show up at Apple’s Sept. 10 event is a pair of new iPhones, one of which looks headed for the world’s largest carrier. Anything else Tim Cook announces will just be frosting on the cake. Even without new Apple TV gear, next week’s event will be a momentous occasion, not only because—duh—we’ll get an upgraded iPhone 5S. But also because Apple is set to introduce a cheaper option in a variety of swanky colors. Take your pick this holiday season.


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