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KitKat Contest Puts 1,000 Nexus 7s Up for Grabs

by Brandon Russell | September 6, 2013September 6, 2013 6:00 pm PST

Android KitKat - Red Mascot, KitKat Helmet and Bar

Google and Hershey’s/Nestle is holding a killer new promotion aimed at hyping up that surprising new partnership—and you could benefit. By purchasing a specially marked KitKat bar, which has a code inside the wrapper, you could be a instant winner of a 2013 Nexus 7.

Google will give away its new tablet to 1,000 winners—beyond that, 150,000 winners will get a $5 Google Play gift card, and 20,000 winners will get a free 8oz. bag of KitKat Minis. Each specially marked wrapper has Android’s famous green robot on the front, so you’ll know when you pick one up that’s part of the contest. I haven’t crunched the numbers, but I think this could be one of the most delicious contests ever.



Brandon Russell

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