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Jelly Bean Now Installed on 45.1 Percent of All Devices, Old Versions Left Out


Google released its monthly chart detailing the distribution of various versions of Android across devices globally. Not surprisingly, Android Jelly Bean as a whole now dominates 45.1 percent of all Android devices. 36.6 percent run Jelly Bean 4.1.x while 8.5 percent run 4.2.x. The chart did not include distribution figures for Google’s latest version of the OS, Android 4.3.

Of note, however, is that Google actually dropped very early versions of Android from its chart, including Donut and Eclair. The report now only includes Froyo (2.4 percent distribution), Gingerbread (30.7 percent distribution), Honeycomb (0.1 percent distribution), Ice Cream Sandwich (21.7 percent distribution) and Jelly Bean. Obviously Donut and Eclair are so old, and can’t support the Google Play store, which is how this data is measured, it seems pointless to include them.

Google also recently announced Android 4.4 KitKat. It says the goal with that iteration of its mobile operating system is to “make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.” That, perhaps, suggests that Google will continue to work on defragmenting its platform so that it’s available on a wider range of devices.

The latest distribution data was collected during a 7-day period ended September 4.

Todd Haselton

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