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App of the Week: Digg for Android Is the Perfect Way to Consume the Internet

by Brandon Russell | September 5, 2013September 5, 2013 5:00 pm PST


Ah, Digg; the reborn social news aggregator everybody used to love. The website has enjoyed a pretty healthy renaissance in 2013, culminating in a minimalist RSS reader following Google Reader’s untimely demise. But Digg isn’t just a beautiful destination on the desktop; there are some nice mobile applications, too, such as the new Android app that just recently came out (there’s also an older iOS app available).

Basically, Digg for Android is a perfectly realized miniaturization of the website’s desktop experience, combining a bit of Top Stories with Reader. If you frequently use Digg in a Web browser, the app will become immediately familiar. Opening it will push the Top Stories right to your brain, which is easily digestible thanks to Digg’s terrific minimalist layout. Up at the top right is a quick refresh button, and in the top left is a subtle little menu button that allows you to manage your account, including Diggs and saved items.

You can even add new sources to your RSS experience, and when you’re in a specific story, you can change from Digg’s app to the article’s source in a second; you can also easily share stories with a touch of a button.

The app is a neat little escape if you’re away from a computer. You can easily see the Top Stories, your RSS subscriptions, and it definitely isn’t bad to look at either. And since the experience itself is so minimal, the app is quick and fluid, and very easy to navigate. If you need a Digg fix on the go, you shouldn’t be settling with reading in a browser. Get the app, it’s free!


Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell likes to rollerblade while listening to ACDC.