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Galaxy Note 3 S Pen Gets Huge Improvements

Samsung said that it has added a number of improvements to the S Pen for the Galaxy Note 3.

That includes a “dot” feature, which is the dot on the screen that you see when you move the S Pen across the display.¬†When you see the dot and press the button, you get Samsung’s Air Command. Air Command lets you access five features from anywhere on the screen. The Air Command menu includes Screen Write, Action Memo, Scrapbook, S Finder or Pen Window. Action can identify your handwriting and the info you wrote down – such as a phone number – and let you quickly interact with that (like place a call).

The “Circle” part of the S Pen lets you capture and organize content in one place, Samsung said. It’s like a Scrapbook, and it’s actually called that. Just draw a circle around whatever you want to save and it will save that content. You can then save that content into categories for finding later. S Finder, another app, lets you search through all of the content on your device.

S Note is an upgraded version of the previous software. It has a more intuitive interface with “notebooks” that can be organized into pages. Samsung also says it’s easier to edit and share S Notes between devices.

Finally, the Box feature of the S Pen allows better multitasking than ever before. It lets you run two apps together at the same time, pre-set two apps that can launch at once, or create a box with the S Pen to launch a specific app inside of it. That feature is called “Pen Window.” Draw the window, whatever size you need, and it brings up quick access to apps for daily tasks, Samsung explained. So, if you draw a square on the screen with the S Pen, then you can quickly access an app such as the calculator.

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