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iPhone 5C Leaks Out in Video and Multiple Images

by Sean P. Aune | September 2, 2013September 2, 2013 7:15 am PST

The iPhone 5C has popped up today in multiple images and the first video showing one of the handsets powered on and functioning.

Chinese site posted two photos of the iPhone 5C in packaging that you can see in the gallery above. The first shows off a solo shot of a Blue 5C in its package by itself, and the second shows multiple 5C handsets in Blue, Yellow and White all in retail packaging. The same site also leaked images that show off the included documentation and SIM removal tool that will supposedly come inside the iPhone 5C packaging.

If those images aren’t enough for you, Chinese tech site C Technology posted a video that appears to show a red iPhone 5C running Safari on iOS 7, pinch-to-zoom and responsive scorlling. Due to the nature of the video, it’s difficult to discern if this is truly a 5C, or an iPhone 5 in a case, but at first glance it does look like it is the real deal. (Note that the video has been very touch about playing, we will change out the embed as soon as we can find a more reliable copy)

C Technology also posted an image of a green iPhone 5C in its retail packaging that looks similar to what was seen over the weekend in another leaked image and the images in the above gallery. The difference this time around is that it doesn’t have a screen decal showing iOS 7 with a background to match the phone’s color.

iPhone 5C green leak ctechnology

Apple has still yet to confirm the existence of the iPhone 5C, or the press event that we keep hearing will be on Sept. 10. At this point the sheer volume of leaked images for the iPhone 5C are making the low budget handset pretty a much a foregone conclusion, and due to the increased speed with which these leaks are happening, the Sept. 10 event is looking to be almost a certainty.

The iPhone 5C is believed to be destined for emerging markets, with China also looking to be in the mix as Apple may have finally made a deal with China Mobile to carry the company’s products. If the Sept. 10 event proves to be true, we don’t have long to wait to find out.

Sean P. Aune

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