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Guess the Phone: A Device Fit For Your Rugged Lifestyle

by Brandon Russell | August 31, 2013August 31, 2013 12:00 pm PST

Most devices featured on our Guess the Phone series are years old, discontinued, out of style. But they’re all significant for one reason or another, invoking positive memories as technology that paved the way for where we are today. These days, the mobile market is dominated largely by a handful of companies, with very little room for others to nudge in. So, instead of going after the very, very high-end, the lesser-knowns aim for the lowest common denominator, concocting devices like the one you see above. Look familiar? I didn’t think so.

Announced very recently, this device is aimed more at the mid-tier crowd looking to get a device just because, or maybe one to use for secondary purposes. I don’t mean to single this device out as “just another smartphone,” but it seems to me the company that made it has no problem owning its sameness. Typically you’d find handsets made by this company on the smaller carriers, but this one is obviously offered through Verizon—obscuring Verizon’s brazen branding is a difficult task in of itself, which is why I didn’t attempt to hide it.

I won’t delve too deeply into specs. Just know that this is being marketed as one of those rough and tough devices, something you can take out into the wilderness without worrying too much about its safety. Sometimes it’s nice to have that kind of piece of mind. The handset is thick by today’s standards, edging toward half an inch, though it is equipped with Qi wireless charging, which is a nice little convenience. The camera has a decent size sensor at 8-megapixels, and the display is 720p—about standard for a lot of smartphones in 2013, though that’s definitely changing.

Anyone closely watching the mobile market won’t pay any mind to this device—there’s a chance you haven’t even heard of it, and that’s ok—especially with the Galaxy S4, HTC One, Moto X and (soon to be) iPhone 5S on the market. But it exists, and it’s targeted at a very specific audience. If you’re among those that wants something that cant withstand the elements, and maybe survive being dropped in a shallow pool, then maybe it’s worth checking out.

Last week’s Guess the Phone—more like device—was Samsung’s Galaxy Player.

Brandon Russell

Brandon Russell likes to rollerblade while listening to ACDC.