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Nokia Says Amber Update Hitting All WP8 Lumia Devices Before October

by Brandon Russell | August 30, 2013August 30, 2013 6:00 pm PST

Nokia Lumia 1020-VS-Lumia-920-Camera

Nokia on Friday took to its Conversations blog to address a number of concerns surrounding its recent Amber update for Windows Phone 8. Among the biggest revelations, Nokia promised all Lumia devices currently running Microsoft’s latest mobile OS will receive the Amber upgrade before the end of September. Nokia’s Amber introduces a number of neat features, including a new photo-editing tool and improved image processing, among other additions.

With Amber, Nokia proves that it’s capable of adding terrific software tweaks to a listless platform—one that continues to be overshadowed by Android and iOS. In addition to some wonderful photo tweaks, Amber also adds a cool “Glance Screen” option (like Motorola’s “Active Display”), an FM radio player, flip to silence and the ability to check exactly what’s taking up your device’s storage.

The Finnish company obviously understands its customers are excited about the update, and it’s nice to see the issue addressed publicly; hopefully Nokia can deliver on its “end of September” promise.


Brandon Russell

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