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Google Secretly Acquired WIMM Labs For Smartwatch, Report Says

by Todd Haselton | August 30, 2013August 30, 2013 7:30 pm PST


Google apparently snatched up a company called WIMM Labs last year to build its own smartwatch (concept above), according to a report published by GigaOm on Friday. The company, which already produced a smartwatch called the WIMM One, shut down suddenly last year when it published a message on its site that read: “During the summer of 2012, WIMM Labs entered into an exclusive, confidential relationship for our technology and ceased sales of the Developer Preview Kit.”

It shut down, GigaOm, says, because it was acquired by Google at that time to work internally on a new smartwatch. Google, as we’ve heard, is hard at work on a product that may run a version of Android and will compete directly with rumored offerings such as the Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple’s highly anticipated, though still unconfirmed, iWatch. Apple, too, has been making acquisitions to bolster its internal smartwatch team.

WIMM’s employees apparently stuck around to work inside Google, so it wasn’t just an acquisition of the technology. GigaOm said the team is now working closely with Android. It’s unclear when the watch will see the light of day, though it sounds like Google has more than just a small interest in the field.


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