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JK Shin’s Demands for Perfection May Have Caused Tizen Delays

by Jacob Kleinman | August 29, 2013August 29, 2013 11:30 pm PST

Samsung Tizen

According to a new report from Tizen Indonesia, Samsung CEO JK Shin may be personally responsible for the multiple delays that have plagued the company’s Tizen operating system. Apparently his demands that the first smartphone running Tizen be “as perfect as possible” have caused serious roadblocks.

The Indonesian site notes that the story is pure speculation at this point, but it does help explain why Samsung has continually delayed its first Tizen device, which is currently rumored to launch in Oct. The South Korean company was apparently testing Tizen on a copy of the Galaxy S III, but later decided the hardware wasn’t good enough to run the home-grown operating system.

Samsung has been hinting at Tizen for a while, but we haven’t seen much from the open source HTML5 operating system aside from a few leaked screenshots. However, the South Korean company appears bent on making the OS a success, recently launching an app development challenge running through Nov. 1 with $4 million in prizes.

Tizen Indonesia

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