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App of the Week: Flickr Update Let’s You Customize Your Own Filters

by Brandon Russell | August 29, 2013August 29, 2013 5:00 pm PST

Yahoo’s Flickr app for iOS has been out for a while, but it got a pretty substantial update this week. In addition to a fresh new design, the updated app has a ton of new options that makes it a viable editing competitor—not an easy task when you consider what’s out there.

With Flickr integration coming straight to iOS 7, it seems the photo-centric service wanted to drum up some hype before Apple’s software officially launches next month. Many of today’s biggest services are built on the ease of sharing—and also pre-set filters determined beforehand. Flickr’s new app has its own set that you can see in a live-view, but the app has also added the ability to tweak and customize your own.

In addition, Flickr has added a suite of pro tools that allow you to crop, sharpen, vignette and adjust colors and levels for greater control. If you already have a service of choice, there’s nothing that’ll really grab you away to start using Flickr. But if you haven’t yet gone too deep into editing tools the iOS platform has to offer, you can do worse than Flickr; and the fact that’s it’ll have iOS 7 integration is a nice bonus.

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