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Gold iPhone 5S Gets Scuffed Up in New Video

by Jacob Kleinman | August 28, 2013August 28, 2013 9:10 am PST

We’ve seen a lot of photos of Apple’s champagne/gold-colored iPhone 5S in the past week, and now Jailbreak Nation has put a copy of the rumored device’s back casing to the test. In a new video, the upcoming iPhone gets some serious wear and tear, giving us a chance to see how it handles scratches from a coin and then a knife compared to the current black iPhone 5.

Last year after the iPhone 5 was released, Apple found itself in hot water when new buyers discovered that the painted aluminum shell was easily scratched away. It looks like the iPhone 5S suffers from the same design flaw, referred to online at the time as “scuff-gate.”

After being scratched up by a coin, the gold-colored iPhone appears fine, while the black iPhone 5 is clearly worse for wear. However, when Jailbreak Nation puts both devices under the knife the results are reversed. Both iPhones get scuffed up pretty bad, but at the end of the day the iPhone 5S looks significantly worse. Check out the results for yourself in the video above.

Jacob Kleinman

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