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Gmail iOS Update Adds Better Integration with other Google Apps

by Jacob Kleinman | August 28, 2013August 28, 2013 4:30 pm PST


Google rolled out an update for its Gmail app on iOS today, adding several key improvements to offer a better email experience. The update also integrates the app into Google’s other services so you can jump directly from one app to another.

Specifically, the new Gmail update syncs with Google Drive and Google+ so anytime you click a link inside an email it launches the appropriate app. The improvement is clearly meant to keep you inside Google’s ecosystem of services for as long as possible, but we’re not complaining as long as it means a more convenient mobile experience.

The improved Gmail app for iOS¬†also offers a better visual experience. Incoming attachments will now show up as larger thumbnails, and you can tap on an attachment to open it up for full screen viewing. Google’s Gmail app on iOS is already pretty much perfect, but it’s still nice to see the company rolling out minor improvements on a regular basis.


Jacob Kleinman

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