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Angry Birds Go is a Kart Racer Sponsored by Red Bull

by Ron Duwell | August 28, 2013August 28, 2013 8:00 pm PST

Whether you like them or not, those Angry Birds have left their mark on gaming as you know it, and not in the form of white sploches either. Developer Rovio has reinvented how to successfully distribute cheap games and make pop cultural icons into countless forms of merchandise like candy, towels, soda, clothes and other video games that burst beyond their normal genres.

Like Mario, Star Wars, Burger King, Crash Bandicoot and just about every other major franchise on this planet, Rovio’s squad of furious avians will take to the race course in their very own kart racer known as Angry Birds Go.

A teaser trailer from Rovio ridicules themselves for failing miserably at designing with its own racing game, but proves that it can come together by downing an unhealthy amount of energy drinks.

Red Bull has teamed up with Rovio because, let’s face it, it gives you wings! And if there is one thing that Rovio has redefined about video games besides all of the above mentioned milestones, it’s going out there and getting a corporate sponsor that its audience is bound to love. Stephen Colbert would be proud.

No gameplay is shown in the trailer, and nothing about the game besides its genre is revealed, but Rovio is promising more information on it soon. Is Rovio gunning for those Mario Kart dollars, and are you interested in helping them further take over the world. Let us know what you think.

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