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Windows 8.1 Leaked Well Before October Release

by Brandon Russell | August 27, 2013August 27, 2013 12:00 pm PST


The final version of Microsoft’s free Windows 8.1 update has been leaked ahead of its Oct. 17 (or Oct. 18, depending on where you live) release. Not long after Microsoft announced development had wrapped up, several file sharing sites began seeding the update around the Internet; a localized Chinese version is currently being shared, with an English version allegedly being prepared. And once it’s on the Internet, it’s there for good.

Microsoft has added a number of neat little features in its newest update that should please a lot of users. In addition to giving users the option to boot straight to the desktop, Skype is now built-in, and a new Reading View for Internet Explorer 11 has been added. It’s taken Microsoft almost a year to add these features, 10 months exactly, though it’s unclear if any of them will help the OS make any headway among the Windows faithful. The update will run on a variety of devices, including small tablets and notebooks, so that should help quite a bit.

With just about two months left until the update officially hits, it’ll give manufacturers and app developers time to get familiar with Windows 8.1. If you’re really anxious to give the final build a spin, it seems you can find it loitering around the more nefarious parts of the Internet. That’s up to your discretion, however.


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