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Grand Theft Auto V Special and Collector’s Edition Detailed

by Ron Duwell | August 27, 2013August 27, 2013 10:00 am PST

Grand Theft Auto V

Surprise, surprise… Grand Theft Auto V is going to have a Special and Collector’s Edition, each with its own DLC packages. Every major release these days sees multiple versions hitting the shelves at inflated prices, and since Grand Theft Auto V is going to be huge, it has two.

The Special Edition is the smaller of the two, and it comes with a host of goodies including free weapons at the Ammu-Nation weapons stores scattered throughout the game’s city, 20 percent discounts on fashion and tattoos in other shopping centers, and a special ability meter bonus which grants special powers such as increasing accuracy of a weapon or sharper driving skills.

The DLC also allows for easy access to planes with unique challenges for those looking to get the most out of a stunt flyer.

The Collector’s Edition comes with all the DLC found in the Special Edition and some extra bonuses for Grand Theft Auto Online. More customization options for your character models will be available as well as more personalized backstories, ethnicity and hobbies, and even Niko Belic’s offspring will also be joining the fun with his father as a default dad option.

One final bonus from the Collector’s Edition will be a unique garage space for storing your favorite cars, and it comes loaded with a CarbonRS sports bike and an open frame 1930s style hotrod.

No doubt, all of these bonuses will be made available as DLC down the road, but this is a deal for those who want it all and want it now. Any takers?

Grand Theft Auto V will be available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on Sept. 17

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