Siri Sure Doesn’t Like Google Glass

by Brandon Russell | August 26, 2013

Government officials and privacy advocates aren’t the only ones lobbing criticism toward Google’s wearable Glass technology. Apple’s Siri, which has been part of the company’s ecosystem since iOS 6, is now taking subtle jabs at Google’s much-talked about face computer. Even digital entities don’t think Glass is the future of technology.

First highlighted by The Verge, saying “Okay, Glass,” the current trigger phrase used to give Glass commands, to Siri will bring up a handful of classic responses. Some are delicate, some are not. “I think that Glass is half empty,” Siri says in one response. “Stop trying to strap me to your forehead. It won’t work,” she says in another. Apple obviously isn’t shy about vicariously sharing its feelings about Google Glass through iOS’s personal assistant.

Apple CEO Tim Cook earlier this year said he didn’t believe Glass, which you wear on your head, will be the future of wearable tech; instead, he felt wearing something on your wrist might be a more natural place, pointing out the Nike FuelBand in particular. Whether that means Apple is working on an iWatch is still up for debate. What the company won’t do, though, is create something like Glass, it seems.

Siri has been known for her sense of humor, and it’s no surprise she’d have an opinion on Google’s next big thing. Other companies have already exploited Siri in an attempt to negatively impact Apple’s image, so all is fair game. No sweat off Google’s back, though; the company has a personal assistant of its own, Google Now, that can more than go toe to toe with Siri.


Brandon Russell

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