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Lenovo Mimics Apple Store, Opens Retail Outlets in China

by Todd Haselton | August 26, 2013August 26, 2013 11:00 pm PST


Lenovo is opening retail stores in China in an effort to give consumers a place o go and see some of its latest products first hand. The company’s stores are being built to mimic Apple Sore outlets, Bloomberg said in a report Monday. A spokesperson for Lenovo told Bloomberg that the difference between these outlets and Apple Store locations is that Lenovo provides customers with more choice.

That’s important in China, where consumers aren’t always as willing to cough up the expensive price of a high-end flagship device off contract. In fact, it’s why Apple has struggled in the past with the iPhone 5, and why the iPhone 5C may be be the solution it needs. Lenovo’s store show off phones, tablets, Smart TVs and computers, and customers can also visit them for in-store support.

Apparently Lenovo is still behind Apple when it comes to staffing the stores, however. Bloomberg noticed Lenovo’s outlet had about a fifth of the staff of a nearby Apple Store.


Todd Haselton

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