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Google Quells Chromecast Local Streaming Fears

by Todd Haselton | August 26, 2013August 26, 2013 7:00 pm PST

Google-Chromecast Size Comparison

Google likes to bill itself as an open company, so when it launched the Chromecast we were mainly excited for the dozens of possible use cases that developers could create. But there was a bit of concern when it turned out that AllCast, which let people stream local content to a Chromecast device, stopped working recently. Did Google block it on purpose? Is there a big conspiracy around its partnerships with major media companies? Nope.

Thankfully, Google addressed the issue in a statement to The Verge and said that it wants to encourage developers to create all kinds of apps for the Chromecast. The dropped support for AllCast seems to be related to changes to the software development kit (SDK), which Google says is still rather infantile.

“We’re excited to bring more content to Chromecast and would like to support all types of apps, including those for local content,” Google said in its statement. “It’s still early days for the Google Cast SDK, which we just released in developer preview for early development and testing only. We expect that the SDK will continue to change before we launch out of developer preview, and want to provide a great experience for users and developers before making the SDK and additional apps more broadly available.”

Phew, so Google isn’t really closing the “openness” that we expected when it launched the Chromecast. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of new use cases for the $35 gadget soon.

The Verge

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