iFixit Gets Surgical On the Moto X

by Brandon Russell | August 24, 2013

Motorola’s latest flagship, Moto X, recently received the iFixit surgical teardown, revealing what goes inside a device that’s assembled here in the U.S. Turns out, Motorola engineered a rather unique handset that surprised even iFixit’s experienced hands.

In addition to an actual a rear case that’s legitimately woven (and doesn’t just appear to be so), the Moto X comes with a camera flash in its own separate assembly, “the most modular headphone jack,” and a vibrator motor that’s soldered onto the motherboard. Overall, iFixit says the Moto X gets a 7 out of 10 on the repairability scale, which isn’t too bad considering the approach (and risk) Motorola took by allowing consumer to design their own.

For a full teardown and analysis, check out iFixit’s report at the source link below.



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