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Guess the Phone: A Breed of Device Going Extinct

by Brandon Russell | August 24, 2013August 24, 2013 12:00 pm PST

This is a device that looks like many other devices, though it might not be what you think. When this launched, to the untrained eye, you’d easily mistake this for 75 percent of other Android devices on the market. And the company that made it essentially did the same thing over and over and over—not much has changed years later, though it’s exactly that approach which has made the company so successful.

The above device was never going to be as successful as a certain other competing device. But, looking back, it hasn’t affected the company one bit. When this mystery device was released, it was during a time when Android was going through some painful growing pains. Hardware could never quite adequately supplement the software, and manufacturers were at the time very outmatched by clearly superior devices being made by Apple.

Still, this device needed to exist to show intent. If you look back on the specs—mind you it came out in 2011—you’d laugh. It didn’t help that the company that put it out treated it as a device much older than that. But it definitely wasn’t up to snuff with other devices being put out at the time—its purpose was very specific, however, which could have been a big deciding factor over what was included.

I’m not going to reveal too much because so far our Guess the Phone (which is becoming more like Guess the Device) has been far too easy for everyone. The headphones may or may not be a big hint. But that’s all I’m going to say. I know you’ll figure it out all the same. By the way, (it looks like) this device is still available for far too much money.

Last week’s Guess the Phone… er, tablet, was the HP TouchPad.

Brandon Russell

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