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Google Glass Gets Escape! Mobile Game

News coming out of Gamescon this week has generally focused on big console announcements from Sony and Microsoft, as the PS4 and Xbox One continue to duke it out, but the German gaming conference also saw a new development in Google Glass gaming.  French mobile developer AMA Studios announced this week that it has ported the puzzle game Escape! onto the wearable technology.

AMA Studios claims that Escape! is the first game to land on Google Glass, though truthfully a Battleship clone called GlassBattle launched earlier this month. The new game looks like a very simple puzzle experience with pretty basic graphics. It’s nice to see more games coming to Glass, but we doubt Escape! will have anyone running out to buy $1,500 developer kit or even a cheaper model.

The real problem with Escape! and with Google Glass gaming in general, is the device’s lack of true augmented reality, which was teased early on when Glass was still a vague concept. Google’s design seems perfect for plenty of tasks including mapping services, displaying incoming messages and creating photo and video content, but we’re still not convinced it’s a viable platform for gaming.

AMA Studios

Jacob Kleinman

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