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Steve Ballmer Says His Biggest Regret as CEO Was Windows Vista

by Brandon Russell | August 23, 2013August 23, 2013 1:30 pm PST

Steve Ballmer Talk

When Ballmer looks back on his time with Microsoft, when the hilarious and determined CEO reflects on his career, what’s the one thing he’ll regret most? Not the Zune, or the Surface RT, or even Windows 8. And this? No. The thing Ballmer regrets most is Windows Vista, which he said missed expectations because the Redmond company lost focus midway through development.

Described in the Ballmer-iest way possible, the soon-to-be-retired CEO said Microsoft pulled a “loopedy-doo” by dropping a number of big features from the operating system that were promised to developers back in 2003. “We tried too big a task and in the process wound up losing thousands of man hours of innovation,” Ballmer said. Not only were many features missing, but it came out five years after the much beloved XP, and also missed holiday season availability.

We’ve had very little time to digest Ballmer’s retirement, which was only just announced today. Despite Ballmer’s perceived missteps, there’s no denying there will be an entirely different dynamic at Microsoft now that Ballmer is stepping down. But, when Ballmer is finally no longer a bottle rocket of excitement at Microsoft conferences, we think the company will be just fine without him.

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