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Moto X Coming to More Carriers “In Days”

by Brandon Russell | August 23, 2013August 23, 2013 3:30 pm PST


Motorola’s great new Moto X is already available for AT&T and, according to Motorola Mobility’s vice president of product management, Punit Soni, new launches on other carriers will occur in a matter of days. A developer model is also expected. That’s excellent news, especially if Motorola wants to ensure maximum visibility among iPhone and Galaxy-obsessed consumers.

The Moto X is coming out during a crucial time of the year, especially with iPhone and other flagship launches looming. The company is expected to back its new design-it-yourself phone with a huge marketing campaign. An expansive rollout will only help people take notice, particularly if Motorola plays up to the device’s strengths—great software, awesome build quality, colors, etc.—without trying to compare the device with other more well known handsets.

The unfortunate part is that consumers won’t be able to customize the device with Motorola’s Moto Maker store unless they are on AT&T, which will remain an indefinite exclusive. Be that as it may, we have the black model here in the office and it looks terrific, so you shouldn’t let that stop you. When the Moto X launches on (presumably) Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, it’ll run for $199 with two-year contract.

Brandon Russell

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