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iPhone 5S Revealed on Apple’s Hungarian Site

by Todd Haselton | August 23, 2013August 23, 2013 3:09 pm PST

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Like with the lead up to any big launch, leaks start to happen more and more frequently before the big day. Now, it seems, Apple has accidentally showed us that the iPhone 5S is indeed the real deal. At least, the name. And it should come as no surprise considering multiple headlines a day referencing the leaked smartphone.

So what happened this time? Well-known smartphone tipster Evleaks found Apple’s Hungarian Web site originally listed a Kate Spade case for the iPhone 5S. The site has since been updated to reflect that it is an iPhone 5 case, even after a brief stint where it said “5’s”, and all cache for iPhone 5S references were cleared. Howerver, the damage is already done. The site’s URL still reads “iPhone 5S,” which – unless Apple has some sort of bizarre inventory system where 5S come together naturally  – basically confirms the phone’s name.

Additionally, the Apple site for French Canadians showed off a 3M privacy filter for the iPhone 5S. The page has now been pulled, but some caches of it still remain.

iPhone 5S Canada French leak

In the source code for the page it read:

Le filtre de confidentialité 3M™ pour iPhone 5S avec fini lustré intègre la technologie microvolets 3M et vous…

Which Google translates to:

The privacy filter 3M ™ iPhone 5S with gloss finish incorporates microshutters 3M technology and you … $ 29.95. Ready for shipment: 1 to 2 months.

It appears that Apple has inadvertently let the iPhone 5S cat out of the bag on some of its international sites and is now scrambling to fix the situation.

Apple will take the stage, likely on September 10, where it is expected to finally show the device to the world.

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