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FIFA 14 on PS Vita Still a Reskin of 3 Year Old Game

by Joey Davidson | August 23, 2013August 23, 2013 5:30 pm PST

FIFA 13 for PS Vita

When FIFA Football released for the PS Vita as a launch title, it was a solid portable soccer effort. I’d call it the best portable option for soccer, even, and probably wouldn’t face too many arguments.

Then FIFA 13 came out. That was last year. Turns out, EA simply reskinned the original FIFA Football for the PS Vita edition and shipped the exact same game.

It must have worked. FIFA 14 will be a reskin of FIFA 13. Yep, that makes it a reskin of a reskin of a game that’s now three years old. Isn’t this just grand!?

Pocket Gamer has this news directly from EA. This reskinning and re-releasing has been confirmed by the series’ publisher.

If you’d like to buy FIFA Football again for the PS Vita, you can do so starting on Sept. 24.

Pocket Gamer

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