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DOJ Dials Back Apple’s Punishment for eBook Price Fixing

by Jacob Kleinman | August 23, 2013August 23, 2013 6:00 pm PST

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Last month, Apple was found guilty of conspiracy to raise the price of eBooks, and soon afterward the Department of Justice served up a punishment for the company. Now, the DOJ is softening its sentence, though not by much, after submitting a revised injunction, AllThingsD said Friday.

As punishment for conspiring with and pressuring publishers to raise eBook prices, in an effort to undercut Amazon and other competitors in the growing market, the DOJ ordered a ten year injunction and a five year restriction against Apple. That barred the company from striking deals with any publishers. According to the revised filing, the injunction may be dropped to five years, with Apple barred from making any new deals for just two to four years.

While the DOJ’s decision is certainly good news for Apple, it doesn’t measure up to the company’s suggestion that it should be allowed to carry on with business as usual, despite its blatant violation of antitrust laws. In the new filing, the Justice Department notes that “there must be significant oversight” for the company, adding that the original timeline could “unnecessarily harm Apple.”


Jacob Kleinman

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