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Dead Rising 3 Gameplay Trailer – Nothing Has Changed Afterall

by Ron Duwell | August 23, 2013August 23, 2013 6:30 pm PST

I don’t know who to blame for Dead Rising 3‘s fiasco debut at E3 this year. Between Microsoft showing off the brownest and grittiest sections of the game during its press conference or Capcom stating they were reaching out for the Call of Duty crowd to climb aboard, some seriously bad messages were being sent out to a lot of long time fans.

Now that the smoke, or is that brown and gritty dirt, has settled, Capcom has gotten the game’s message back on track with some classic, crazy Dead Rising action. Enjoy massive crowds of zombies lining up to be turned into rotten mincemeat by a tank and a man doing uppercuts with flaming gauntlets, while screaming “Shoryuken!”

This is what I was expecting to see, Capcom. Thank you.

No, the game has not strayed too far from its ugly next-gen aesthetic. Brown and dirty was the name of the game during the last generation launch, and it’s going to be no different with this one. No brightly lit shopping malls or flashing colors of Las Vegas. The core spirit of Dead Rising 3 lives on in the costumes and creating insane situations with the available items.

Seeing a man in a shark costume riding a motorcycle and swinging around a flaming sword now has made me a believer. I’d go so far as to say that the wacky humor set amongst an even darker world creates a larger separation between seriousness and silliness that even the first two were not able to achieve.

Reports have it that Capcom is struggling to get the frame rate up to 30fps, but Microsoft has stepped in to help.

Dead Rising 3 is launching exclusively alongside the Xbox One when it releases in November.

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