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Minecraft Confirmed as a PlayStation 4 Launch Title

by Ron Duwell | August 21, 2013August 21, 2013 12:00 pm PST


Minecraft is spreading its influence to yet another platform, and this time it will be available as a launch title. Sony confirmed in its Gamescom presentation that the indie phenomenon is finally going to be gracing a PlayStation console when it launches alongside the PS4 as a launch title.

Mojang already confirmed that Minecraft was being built for the Xbox One with larger worlds and more multiplayer functions. What remains to be seen is how similar these two builds will be with one another.

No other information on this version has been announced in terms of pricing, scope, or how it will take advantage of the PlayStation 4’s unique abilities. However, Sony did state the game is one of the most requested titles from PlayStation owners.

If you have already played Minecraft (or somehow haven’t by this point), is it going to be a huge sticking point in your decision to upgrade to the next-generation? If I wasn’t already leaning towards just going PC gaming from here on out, the PlayStation 4 would be my choice at this point for a next-gen console, and Minecraft might be a nice title to place next to the other indie hits that will be available.

However, I can just as easily do that on a PC as well.


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