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Instagram Posts Used as Evidence in Enormous Gun Bust

by Brandon Russell | August 21, 2013August 21, 2013 7:00 pm PST


This should go down in a book of how not to utilize social media. According to a New York Daily News report, officials in New York City busted two gun runners and seventeen accomplices after one of the men started posting suspicious content on his Instagram account. The eventual bust, which involved an undercover cop and a wiretap, is being called the biggest gun bust in city history, seizing more than 250 firearms when all was said and done.

During an unrelated narcotics investigation, officers allegedly found evidence that aspiring rapper, Matthew Best, was selling firearms out of an Ocean HIll recording studio. Best reportedly posted pictures of guns and money to his Instagram account, which investigators used as evidence to build a case over a year’s time. The information, spotted by narcotics investigators, was passed on to the undercover officer, eventually leading to the bust.

The gun-trafficking ring apparently spanned numerous states up and down the East Coast, and involved a number of illegal operations. The report says that Best and a friend were purchasing guns from two other gun runners, and then flipping for a much larger profit. In all, 243 handguns, nine rifles and two shotguns were seized, and the investigation is still ongoing. All thanks to what Best probably thought were harmless Instagram pictures and video (most of which have been deleted).

“They had no concept of the violence and mayhem they were causing,” officials said. “It was all about money.”

And the likes, it seems. They probably don’t have any social networks where Best is headed.


Brandon Russell

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