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Google Keep Update Brings Reminders and Location-Based Alerts

by Jacob Kleinman | August 21, 2013August 21, 2013 8:00 pm PST

google keep update

Google rolled out an update for its Keep note-taking app on Android today, adding a scheduled reminders, location-based alerts and integrating the service with Google Now. In particular, the addition of a “Remind me” button turns simple notes into active reminders that push out notifications when relevant.

Integrating Google Now into Keep also greatly improves the service. For example, if you write up a shopping list on Keep and tag your local grocery store, Now will remind you what you need to buy when it registers that you’ve walked into the store. Keep also knows your local stores and auto-completes them for you when you’re inputting reminders.

Google also added a new feature to Keep’s UI that lets you quickly jump between different accounts, letting you separate your work and home life within the app. The update also lets you easily upload photos saved on your phone into Keep. Overall, the move marks a larger shift from the company, which continues to turn Google Now into a hub for many of its other services.

Jacob Kleinman

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