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YouTube Update for Android and iOS Adds New Card-Based UI

by Brandon Russell | August 20, 2013August 20, 2013 7:00 pm PST

YouTube this week rolled out new updates to its iOS and Android apps, introducing an all new card-based layout that allows users to browse and play videos at the same time. The fresh layout is designed to be faster and more fluid, and it looks a lot like other Google-designed apps that are dominated by the company’s affection for cards and minimalist designs.

Google describes the updated version of YouTube as “picture-in-picture,” like you’d see on a television. A lot of the navigation is based on gestures—drag a video down to play it in a smaller window so you can continue to browse, and reverse that to bring it back to full size. If you want to stop a video from playing, just swipe it off the screen to the left or right. Additionally, Google has added the ability to search for playlists with a new “play all” button so you can breeze through a ton of videos with minimal effort.

The updates are already available for both apps, and includes a pretty nice new icon. No matter which platform you subscribe to, Google has put into both ecosystems equally, which is always good for the consumer. If you spent a lot of time with the YouTube app, the experience is about to get that much better. Now if only Google could work something out with Microsoft for Windows Phone

Brandon Russell

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