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Killer Instinct’s Free-to-Play Model Fully Revealed

by Joey Davidson | August 20, 2013August 20, 2013 5:40 pm PST

Microsoft has fully unveiled the pricing structure for Killer Instinct and its roster of combatants. They’ve also unveiled Thunder, a character previously teased at E3. You can check him out in the gallery of screenshots above.

For starters, when you download Killer Instinct for free, you’ll get one character. If you want to expand your play into extra fighters, each will cost you $4.99. There will be six characters available at launch, so owning them all will cost you $24.95.

Now, if you absolutely know that you’re going to buy and play the crap out of Killer Instinct and its full roster of fighters, you might want to consider one of the bundle options. Here, per Xbox Wire, are two ways to score the lot of them at a discount.

Players can also purchase special discounted character packages:

Combo Breaker Pack –– Save 50 percent instantly by purchasing the Combo Breaker pack, which includes the first 8 characters (6 at launch, plus 2 characters before their official post-launch release) for $19.99 / £16.99 / €19.99.

Ultra Edition – The Ultra Edition delivers the best value for “Killer Instinct” fans. Available for $39.99 / £34.99 / €39.99, the Ultra Edition includes:

  • The first 8 characters (6 at launch, plus 2 characters before their official post-launch release)
  • Character accessory packs
  • Character costumes
  • The original “Killer Instinct” arcade game

What do you think of Killer Instinct‘s free-to-play model from Microsoft? Is it a good idea for a fighter of this caliber, or does it feel more like a cash-grab?

Killer Instinct, as it was confirmed this morning, will be a day one launch title for the Xbox One.

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