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Google Maps Gets Real Time Traffic Reports from Waze


Remember when Google acquired the social mapping application Waze for $1 billion? Now we’re finally seeing the awesome experience that the acquisition enabled Google to execute.

Google announced on Tuesday that its Maps application will now provide “real time incident reports from Waze users.” That means you’ll be treated to updates on road conditions, including reports on closures, accidents, construction and more before you leave for work, or hit the highway on your way to the beach for the weekend. Before, users would need to open Waze for this sort of social information, but now it’s going to be right in the application on Android and iOS. Support is being rolled out to the U.S., Mexico, France, Germany, Panama, Peru, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador.

Meanwhile, on the standalone Waze app, which is also being updated, users will be able to search for points of interest using Google Search. It will also get Street View support and a new map editor.

Google said that users should see this updates now, though we’re not seeing them in the iTunes App Store or Google Play just yet. Hopefully the updates roll out soon.



Todd Haselton

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