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Ubisoft Announces JRPG-Inspired Child of Light

by Ron Duwell | August 19, 2013August 19, 2013 9:00 pm PST

Child of Light

When you think Ubisoft, the JRPG is probably the last genre to come to mind, but that is exactly what the director of Far Cry 3 is aiming for.

Taking a well deserved break after the huge success of his wildly popular first-person shooter, Director Patrick Plourde announced his newest game at GDC Europe entitled Child of Light. Plourde labeled the game as “the antithesis” of AAA gaming and something that doesn’t appeal to the same audience as the violent gun-toting games he has worked on before.

Instead, he has turned to two other gaming sources for inspiration: classic JRPGs and Ubisoft’s own Rayman. Plourde claims that most of his concept art comes from the “Golden Age of Illustration” found in old fantasy novels, children’s books and even the masterful works of the one and only Yoshitaka Amano of early Final Fantasy fame.

Unable to fully disclose his game, he best described it as a mix between LIMBO and Final Fantasy 6, a combination which makes me shiver with anticipation. 2D side-scrolling platforming with the classic turn-based battles from my favorite series back when it was still my favorite series. The game is powered by the same Ubi Art engine which allows Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends to look so gosh darn beautiful, and it will tell a coming-of-age tale from the viewpoint of a young woman.

The final bit of information he revealed was that the game will be digitally released only.

Sounds like an interesting little project that seems well beyond the normal scope of what Ubisoft usually puts out. Could this be the start of something new, allowing the directors who make your AAA dollars a little wiggle room for personal projects? I like the idea, Ubisoft! Keep it up.

Ron Duwell

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