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Possible LG Nexus 5 Image Leaks

by Brandon Russell | August 19, 2013August 19, 2013 11:00 am PST


A mysterious image on Monday popped up that TechTastic claims is the upcoming Nexus 5—and the device is made by LG. We don’t even know if LG has been tapped to manufacture the device, so we’re a little incredulous of the image, though LG did build the Nexus 4. A previous report claimed the Nexus 5 would sport a more reinforced premium glass back, but this image clearly debunks that report.

Over the weekend, a report out of, a Vietnamese website known for accurately revealing information, claimed the Nexus 5 would sport a 5-inch Full HD display, a Snapdragon 800 chip and a design similar to LG’s recently announced G2, only the button placement would retain a more traditional layout. However, that same report claimed the Nexus 5 would sport a glass back, as mentioned above, which the device in the above picture clearly does not have. Also, evleaks, which has accurately leaked dozens of handsets on Twitter, surmises that the device is actually the Optimus L9 II, and that Motorola will build the Nexus 5.

TechTastic claims it acquired the above photo from someone testing the device, though it’s unclear how far it’s into its development cycle. As Droid-Life rightly points out, the button placement is suspect—the volume controls should be on the other side—and there’s no Nexus branding anywhere to be found, which is unusual. The authenticity of the above photo is questionable, though Nexus 5 rumors have been heating up over the past month. I’m sure we’ll find out much more information was we head toward the fall period.

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