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Dead Rising 3 CG Trailer – This Whole Thing’s a Weapon

by Joey Davidson | August 19, 2013August 19, 2013 6:00 pm PST

If you watch the first few seconds of this brand new Dead Rising 3 trailer, you might immediately think of the amazing clip that lead the marketing for Dead Island. That changes at about 30 seconds in, though, so there’s no need to cry foul.

IGN has first dibs on the new trailer, which explains the watermark in the lower-right corner. They dub this one the best Dead Rising 3 trailer ever. Which, given the game’s previous marketing, isn’t exactly a lie.

I’m sure I’ll check it out, but something isn’t sitting well with me in regards to Dead Rising 3. I want more silliness from these screenshots and trailers, and I’m getting a whole boat load of grit and dudebro. Perhaps that’s just being done for the sake of pre-release sales, so I’m holding on to hope. Capcom did release some awesome screenshots, which you can see in the gallery below, a while back that rang true to the franchise’s roots.

Dead Rising 3 is currently an Xbox One exclusive. It will be a launch game for the system, though we don’t know exactly when it’s dropping yet.

We’ll have more as it comes.

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