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Wozniak Doesn’t Recommend “Jobs” Movie

by Todd Haselton | August 16, 2013August 16, 2013 2:30 pm PST


Steve Wozniak recently reviewed the movie Jobs for Gizmodo. Woz says he enjoyed the movie and that the acting by Kutcher and the rest of the cast was good, but ultimately he didn’t like it “greatly enough to recommend the movie.” Maybe it has entertainment value, but there’s definitely some fiction going on in the film and in the script, he suggests. In fact, Woz said a friend he asked to attend the movie with him, someone who was unnamed but also featured in the flick, didn’t want to “watch fiction.” Ouch.

Woz attributes some of the movie’s faults to how Kutcher himself played and imagined Steve Jobs. He certainly tried, though, because we know he said he spent three months trying to walk like Steve Jobs. The movie didn’t have direct input from Wozniak for the script, so he wasn’t able to tell the story, or his life experiences, as they actually happened. That sounds like a pretty big mistake on the production side, especially since Woz says that he didn’t like the writing for the movie Jobs even after he had seen it. By that point it was probably too late.

He also said that the film left out some crucial pieces to the story, like how Woz gave his own stock back to the company to be distributed among early contributors. That way, Woz argues, they would also reap the benefits of the company’s growth. Ultimately, Woz believes that Steve Jobs didn’t have the skills portrayed in the film until later in life, following the launch of the iPod, not before it. The film ends at the launch of the iPod, however, so it doesn’t touch on the late Steve Jobs later in his career.


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