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Motorola Unveils the Skip NFC Gadget for Moto X Phones

by Todd Haselton | August 16, 2013August 16, 2013 6:30 pm PST


Motorola on Friday officially unveiled the Skip for the Moto X, a gadget that will allow you to forget having to enter in your PIN to unlock your Moto X. The company said that it found a typical person unlocked their device around 100 times per day – pretty stunning – and that it wanted to alleviate the need to have to enter in a code every single time. That’s where the Skip comes in.


Skip is a small gadget that looks like a potato chip bag clip, though it’s covered in cloth. It pairs with your smartphone and, then, with any little tap it unlocks the device. So you can have the Skip on your belt, in your pocket, on your sleeve, or anywhere else and just tap it to unlock your smartphone and bypass the PIN on its lock screen. Motorola will also provide Skip dots, little NFC tags that will automatically unlock your device when they are tapped. You can stick these anywhere, such as on your desk or dashboard, and tap them to unlock your phone. Of course, if you already have a Skip on you there’s no real need for the Skip dot stickers.

Motorola is going to sell the Skip with three dot stickers, though it didn’t say how much it will cost. Thankfully, it will be included as a free addition to Moto X devices that are made with the MotoMaker tool – which, for now, means AT&T devices only. It will eventually launch in several different colors, presumably to match the 16 available for Moto X devices, but initial units are black and gray.


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