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Apple Will Allegedly Release New TV Product This November

by Brandon Russell | August 16, 2013August 16, 2013 11:30 am PST

Apple Store TV 3

Apple might release a new TV-focused product before year’s end, though it won’t be a full-blown high-def television. For months, a lot of the speculation has focused on Apple releasing an actual television set in favor of a product like Apple TV, but a new report suggests it’ll be something else entirely.

According to MG Siegler, former TechCrunch reporter, Apple is working on “some sort of television product,” that will surprise folks with a new interaction model. Siegler admits he doesn’t know for sure what the product is, but he’s been told by sources close to Apple’s plans that it won’t necessarily be an actual television. “[There are] whispers out there that the interaction with it could be the interesting thing,” Siegler said. The comments were made on a podcast with John Gruber.

Notably, voice will not play a prominent roll when the product hits, dispelling earlier reports that Siri may feature heavily in an actual Apple television. Some unsubstantiated murmurs around the rumor mill have claimed Apple is secretly working on a new streaming service, possibly with the option to skip commercials, among other features, though it’s unclear when such a project will launch. According to Siegler, this new, unknown product could hit by November, so we could very well see it soon.

The Cupertino company’s Apple TV product is already a hit among consumers, so perhaps the “product” has more to do with software, and not new hardware. With new iPhone and iPad models rumored to hit this fall, it appears Apple will be pretty busy during the holiday period—a completely new TV product would certainly catch consumers by surprise.

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