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DuckTales Remastered Finally Shows Off The Moon in Launch Trailer

DuckTales Remastered has been released, and WayForward has a batch of new screenshots and a fun new trailer dedicated to the game’s launch. What better way to show off the game at launch than finally revealing the level everybody wants to see?

The Moon has been the favorite of fans sine the 8-bit original release back in 1987. The level layout, setting, enemies, and secret rooms are all engraved into my brain and impossible to remove; however, the true standout of the stage is the theme music. Capcom has wisely held back on releasing the remastered tune playing in the background of this level, and this trailer finally teases it with Scrooge McDuck’s trusty pilot, Launchpad, spewing dialogue all over it.

We also have some great new character art which is sure to remind some fans of the old game and TV show. Police duck Gizmo is a fun reminder about how silly this show could be, and the rest are enemies from the old game re-imagined in high resolution art.

If you love 2D action but are too proud to buy a Disney video game, put that stubbornness on the shelf and check out DuckTales Remastered. It’s being made by WayForward, a professional at recreating old games, and being published by Capcom, whose legendary Disney run on the NES still remains popular to this day.

Hopefully sales will inspire WayForward to get to work on Chip and Dale Remastered or DuckTales 2 Remastered.

DuckTales Remastered is out on on the PlayStation 3, Wii U, and Steam this week. The Xbox Live Arcade version is being released on September 11th.

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